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Best painting tips and hacks for achieving a professional finish and look?

  1. Today’s latex will hold up just fine. Oil takes longer to dry and has that oil smell. In some cases, oil on outdoor exposed wood are better. But in most cases, latex works as well.
  2. Ensure brushed trimmed areas blend as much as possible with the rolled areas: ensure brushed trimmed areas blend as much as possible with the rolled areas.
  3. Oil based enamel is very durable, but these days, look for a hybrid latex enamel. Just as durable, not as noxious.
  4. I’d suggest a good quality latex paint for the walls. An eggshell finish is good. For the trim. either a satin finish or Semi-gloss finish
  5. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams make good paints I’d suggest one of their brands on the high end. They tend to give the walls and trim a rich finish. Besides that, I’d say caulk all the corners, patch any holes, and 2 coats of paint on the walls and trim. If the walls and or trim are bare or oil paint, they have to be primed first.
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Are there general principles of paint color selection for painting the inside of one's home? Or is it mostly subjective?

  1. When painting the interior of your home, there aren’t any ‘real’ principles that you have to follow, but there are guidelines that can help you pick the best shades for the atmosphere you want the room to convey. Color theory can help you with that.
  2. For a more relaxing space, like for bathrooms and bedrooms, shades of blue, pale silver, and sage greens are good.
  3. For a more inviting, charismatic, conversational space, like in living rooms, kitchens, and offices, reds, browns, oranges, and yellows are great.
  4. To invoke creativity, like in an office, shades of purple, deep grey, and greens are excellent.
  5. For bedrooms, pastel colors are more relaxing and can help in fast tracking your ability to sleep.
  6. For home offices, blues and greens are invigorating and can help spur productivity by placing people in a sense of ease and a mind space of better focus.
  7. Blacks and darker colors help in achieving a certain mood and may work with the home man caves and house bars for guests.
  8. If you can't decide which room color to go for, I recommend that you try using 3D rendering. It will give you a clear vision of how your room will look like with each color that you choose.
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