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Effective Cleaning Techniques for Residential Properties

  1. Clean from top to bottom. There is no use of doing floors then dusting, and needing to do floors again after the dust settles.
  2. Group similar tasks together. If you are cleaning bathrooms, clean all the bathrooms in a row. They use the same supplies, so it minimizes trips to get new supplies, as you can carry them from bathroom to bathroom. If vacuuming, do all the vacuuming at one time. When mopping, do all the mopping needed back to back.
  3. Before you actually clean, you need to tidy the house. Tidying is picking up all the items not in their original location, and returning them. Tidying minimize the clutter and mess.
  4. If the cleaning task is overwhelming, break it down into smaller jobs. Looking at a huge mess can feel like you will never finish. But making it into 10 smaller tasks can really help.
  5. What are the tools and products to use for Effective Cleaning?

    • A good vacuum cleaner
    • Wash or cleaning cloths (Buy in bulk to save money)
    • Detergent (Buy in bulk to save money)
    • Bathroom cleaning product (buy in bulk to save money)
    • Kitchen cleaning products (buy in bulk to save money)
    • Laminate or hardwood floor cleaning products
    • Glass or Windows cleaning products
    • Air refresher, deodorant for common rooms and washroom
    • Broom
    • Cleaning scrubs and sponges (buy in bulk to save money)
    • Trash bags (in bulk)
    • dishwasher detergent
    • Mop or floor sweeper
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