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Residential & Commercial Cleaning

OLSYJEN Commercial Cleaning Services

Effective Cleaning Techniques for Residential Properties

  1. Clean from top to bottom. There is no use of doing floors then dusting, and needing to do floors again after the dust settles.

Lawn Care

What is the importance of lawn care? What constitutes good lawn care?

  1. A healthy lawn is important to the larger environment. People benefit from trees, grasses, and shrubs, and believe it or not, lawn maintenance can make a big difference for you and the ones that you love.
  2. A well cared lawn enriches your property value and the price of your area.

Snow Removal Techniques, Products and Services

OLSYJEN Snow Removal Products and Services

What should be the first step for snow removal? Best techniques for snow removal.

  1. Make sure you have all of your snow removal gear ready to go and in an easy to access place.
  2. Make sure that all snow removal equipment are working properly. For equipment such as snow blowers, make sure that all parts are working properly and that the machine has oil and gas if necessary.