Do I need to paint a primer on a drywall before applying wallpaper?

  1. If it’s a new drywall you definitely want to prime your wall, let it dry and do a light sanding just to get rid of any wall residue, on the other hand if your wall is painted just Make sure to do light sanding and don’t forget to wipe off any left over dust from your walls, checkout this blog it might help too.
  2. If you have filler and sections with another surface (such as joints and corners that are taped), primer will even those out but most wallpaper glues will adhere very well to the paper covering the “drywall” board.
  3. At a minimum you need to apply sizing to the wall. Ideally it is wise to prime the wall with the background color of the wallcovering if possible. This way if a seam opens you won't have the raw sheetrock colour poking through.
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Is it bad style to use wallpapers in interior design?

  1. Not at all. Wallpaper can be fantastic for creating a feature wall in a flash, however the only issue I find with wallpaper, is when you change your mind. Painting a wall with a solid colour is simple enough to remove/paint over. However, if you become ‘bored’ of the pattern of your chosen wallpaper, it can be very difficult to change at a later date.
  2. Absolutely not! Back in the day, wallpapers used to be considered not classy due to the unimaginative designs and boring patters, but nowadays wallpaper design and installation is making a comeback, due to innovative designs and different types of wallpaper patterns being used.
  3. Wallpaper is a huge interior designs trend: Three ideas to furnish your home with wall decorations
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How do you calculate how much wallpaper you will need to cover a room?

  1. Measure from floor to ceiling and then horizontal then times the two measurements together that will equal the square foot of that wall space then do it again to the other three walls then take all four figures and add them up this sum will equal square feet of job but don't forget to add scrap cut material about 60 square feet per room.
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